Collective Dreams: Deconstructing Purpose
to Feb 25

Collective Dreams: Deconstructing Purpose

  • 179 Sullivan Street New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)
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Mixed Media on Canvas with · 10ft by 3ft

Collective Dreams: Deconstructing Purpose is a solo exhibition of works by Brooklyn artist Chris Baily. The show, comprised of mixed media installations with video projection and works on canvas, will be on view Friday through Sunday, February 25th.

Opening: Friday, February 23rd at 7pm

Collective Dreams is a show about navigating a world full of conflict to find purpose and meaning. The works on view depict one’s internal landscape - emotions like love, loss, anxiety, wonder and depression as they manifest through an inner monologue. The show includes six installations with looped video projected on to large-scale paintings. The moving elements highlight the perpetual passage of time, and many of the themes - migrating birds, floating  clouds, rolling waves - are representations of the ebbs and flows of life.

The centerpiece of the show is Daydreaming - a mixed media moving painting utilizing a digital projector to combine traditional two-dimensional art with video collage. This captures a complex state of stillness: the feeling of time passing while the world remains static. The work features figurative elements alongside painterly color fields and perspective distorting landscapes.  Drips, accidents, and sections of spare underpainting are juxtaposed with realistically rendered foreground elements, creating a depth of field and bringing focus to the figures.  

Daydreaming is accompanied by five other painting/video installations, along with smaller works highlighting key characters and elements of the series.  


Chris Baily (b. 1981) is a painter and experience designer working Brooklyn, NY.  Chris focuses on creating transformative digital and physical experiences. Chris received a BFA from Cornell University and was recognized with a YoungArts award, a Presidential Scholar award, a Maryland Distinguished Scholar award and the David R. Beane award for Fine Arts.

Chris has shown in solo and group shows on New York’s Lower East Side, Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Garrett Park, Maryland.


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